Jaguars had the best April Fool’s gag of the year

Every day, we’re on the lookout for news. Every April 1, we’re one the lookout for the deliberately fake news that comes from the inevitable April Fool’s Day gags.

Fortunately, the fact that April 1 this year fell on a Sunday — and that it was Easter Sunday — resulted in fewer gags than usual. The best one came from the Jacksonville Jaguars, who pretended to accidentally tweet an image of new uniforms that won’t be unveiled until later in the month.

Arizona is not selling anybody on the idea that they’re about to roll with Bradford and Glennon as their best QB options beyond this season, even though both have shown flashes as capable starters. Bradford, who turns 31 this year, has a list of career injuries longer than the Constitution. Chicago learned the hard way in 2017 that Glennon is better suited as a backup. A new franchise passer is the obvious first step for a team under a new head coach and seemingly on the verge of a rebuild.

Though Miami remains committed to Tannehill, restructuring the soon-to-be 30-year-old QB’s contract was a must in the name of salary cap space. Speaking of finances, with Osweiler signed as a backup, the Dolphins drafting a QB and leaning on his rookie-contract salaries would help in the team’s apparent rebuilding efforts. That is, unless Miami wants to rebuild around Tannehill, he of a 37-40 career record as starter.

“If [Sam] Darnold is available, they’re taking Darnold,” an NFL talent evaluator told NJ Advance Media. “They don’t like [Josh] Rosen.”

The NFL evaluator spoke to NJ Advance Media on the condition of anonymity so they could speak freely about other teams and players.

The quarterback decision might not be the Giants’ to make, because the Cleveland Browns will likely take a quarterback No. 1. Browns general manager John Dorsey spent time at Darnold’s USC Pro Day with the quarterback’s family and the Browns staff met extensively with Darnold.

If the Browns take Darnold, the league executive believes that the Giants have begun the process of setting their board for what they will do with the No. 2 pick.

“Their top three choices are Darnold, Saquon Barkley, and Bradley Chubb,” the executive said. “They are debating Barkley vs. Chubb, because they need an edge rusher but the scouts love Barkley.”bills_068

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