Move the Sticks: Top five most explosive players in the NFL

Move the Sticks’ Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks count down their top five most explosive players in the NFL.

The answer isn’t easy. Part of it, I think, is money. The NFL has gone from being a league that loved money (like we all do) to one obsessed over it—over making as much of it as possible. Even if doing so compromised its standing and principles.

A few years ago, Tagliabue told GQ’s Gabriel Sherman that he saw Goodell beginning to make decisions only in economic terms, and at the expense of more important things, like the league’s relationships. When you’re obsessed with money, you do whatever it takes to protect it. You let authoritarian presidents take shots at you, and you cower because you don’t want to mess with your piles of cash.

Claiborne decided, in the end, to bet on himself in 2018.

Especially with me on the other side, we’re going to be pretty good, Claiborne said. I feel like when you’ve got us two as corners, you can open up the defense a little bit more. You can blitz a little bit more, because I feel like you’ve got guys out there who can stand up and cover.

Claiborne thinks Bowles shares this opinion, that the Jets can take more chances with blitzing.

NFL Network’s Nate Burleson talks about the potential suspension of Jameis Winston and how it can ‘derail’ the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ season.

If the suspension is upheld and Winston misses time, the Buccaneers will turn to Ryan Fitzpatrick to start at quarterback. Fitzpatrick will turn 36 during the 2018 season, but has plenty of starting experience and stepped in for Tampa Bay for three starts in 2017 when Winston suffered a shoulder injury. He was re-signed to another one-year deal after the season.

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