How Does NBA’s Conference Finals Viewership Stack Up Against the NFL, MLB And NHL?

eagles_079How Does NBA’s Conference Finals Viewership Stack Up Against the NFL, MLB And NHL? More Think people are tired of watching LeBron James and the Cavaliers? Think they’re bored of watching Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors? Guess again. The NBA Conference Finals that saw the Cavs go up against the Boston Celtics and the Warriors take on the Houston Rockets was the most-watched Conference Finals in six years, drawing an average of 9,015,000 viewers across TNT, ABC, and ESPN. Those numbers were up +40% compared to last year’s Conference Finals that pulled an average of 6,417,000, according to Nielsen.

Vinnie Iyer: Using a relative scale, Leonard is the 1 and Beckham is the 10. The NBA is the more individual-driven sport so it’s more acceptable for one to fight for his best solo credentials. While Beckham’s antics are arias at La Scala, Leonard looks like he’s doing Pinter off-Broadway.

Jordan Greer: Through seven seasons, Leonard has played more than 70 regular season games only twice, and this mysterious quad injury leaves more questions than answers about his future. It seems as though the issue is more about his comfortability than the damage to his quad, so it should worry the Spurs (or any potential trade suitors) down the road. But Tadd nails the main point — basketball isn’t football. Beckham could take a blind-side hit to the head or have a safety go low on that ankle. There’s always more risk with that much contact on every play.

And when Torres makes a mistake, he’s able to turn the page like a veteran, then often make up for it, as he did Tuesday night.

I personally believe that’s where Gleyber is at his best in that I think he’s equipped to handle all that the Major Leagues are going to throw at him and what being a Yankee and playing in New York and all that’s going to come his way, Boone said. I feel like his foundation and who he is will allow him to deal with anything that comes his way.

Manning passed for 54,828 yards and 399 touchdowns for the Colts. Luck’s numbers are 19,078 and 132, both third in team history. Johnny Unitas passed for 39,768 yards and 287 TDs.

But the relentless Knights earned a power play and cut the Caps’ lead to 3-2 late in the second when Theodore slipped a long shot through heavy traffic.

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